Elite Residential – Cottages. Cottage construction

In Russia now there is a process of formation of various architectural styles of different social classes. Of course, passed the first wave of construction boom, characterized by a thrust of customers for the construction of luxury housing, great country just downright luxury villas (up to 2000 sq. M.). However, this trend is now regularly seen with respect to the old small portion (less than 20 per cent) when they have the desire and the ability to seamlessly build, in general, luxury mansions, simply country houses (over 600 sq. M.) Surrounded by these parks with a site area of one hectare of land in vain at the same time tending to the classic architectural formam. Poryadka 40 percent of the houses are built of medium size (up to 600 square meters) on land of 20 acres. So here is dominated by a style using red bricks and white plaster elements, thus giving the house, no doubt simply a luxury look. Perhaps, finally, 40 percent of the building somewhere in their country homes to 400 sq.m. And tends to be much in vain in the old Western architectural canons and construction for the middle class. Also some very common pre-modern Canadian got there, the whole German too Swedish, Finnish construction technology, based on which there is also creating quite a beautiful modern luxury cottages and completely detached houses. It should be noted coolly as that between the houses for members of different classes there are some truly fundamental differences. Of course the difference is not only the number of rooms or a very, very square meters, and in a fundamentally different set of pomescheniy. Tak very elite house or premises shall be quite separate blocks for servants and guards. By the way, a human is characterized by a combination of luxury housing and residential floor space of one to one, that is living and effective area of the same. However, the place is necessary not only to store very much an extensive wardrobe, but for example, placement of sanitary units in one place, which is provided as a convenient access to plumbing, so that he could repair the pipe without having to go very much in the master bathroom and there is a special advantage of a truly technical corridor. Moreover, it is necessary to provide enough trails for staff (this is often done quite specific corridors or galleries). In elite houses, cottages, mansions should deliberately present the main kitchen, where he worked a really professional povar.I Finally, most luxury mansion cottage or house must be completely surrounded by a large park, which determines the appropriate set of buildings for its services (including accommodation gardener, a place to store inventory, etc.). Naturally, the construction of huge luxury in the good more or less suburban villas, cottages and houses have little to solid construction firms.


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